MarginCAM+ Version 2 Real-Time Camera Kit    

The MarginCAM+ Version 2 is CarpSight’s latest edition extended range (wireless communications) state of the art real-time camera kit. The camera assembly is simply deployed from the lakes margin/ river bank. The perfectly weighted design allows the camera to land feet first onto the lake or river bed, aligning the camera perfectly!

The underwater camera has been upgraded with adjustable tilt on the mounting base, allowing a ‘Field of View’ (FOV) of up to 4.5ft up in the water from the lake bed. This provides a full visual of Carp moving ‘in and out’ the baited spot. 

The power management system has been upgraded to give you easy on the bank charging with built in USB-C charging port. A reduced charging time of only 3.5hours, means no need for spare lithium battery packs. Simply place the Camera kit on charge over night or leave a portable power bank connected for extended usage.  A massive 12V 6800mAH has now been installed to give you extended usage on the bank. The camera kit will run over a whole weekend without charge required., 

The smart inbuilt video electronics transmits wireless HD footage  to the receiving monitor location (within a fishing bivvy mounted on a tripod).  

Simple ‘Plug and Play’ design, allows the user to deploy the camera into the water, turn on the video and monitor interface, and have instant real time footage displayed on screen. 

The super low light camera specially developed by Sony Technologies allows the camera assembly to be used under water from ‘Dawn till Dusk’ without the need of under water LEDs,  that can spook the wariest of carp. 

Take a look at the CarpSight MarginCAM+ Version 2 in action with a carp take caught on camera by one of our customers: MarginCAM+ Carp Take

Key features:
  • Super Low light camera allows ‘Dawn till Dusk’ use. The design has been intended for daytime use ‘only’, as carp and specimen fish can see infrared light, which is required for night use cameras. To avoid spooking fish, night use has been excluded.
  • Adjustable camera 40 degree tilt on the mounting base, allowing FOV of 4.5ft from lake bed.
  • Light Weight Portable Case – IP67 rated when the lid is closed, for use in all weather conditions.
  •  The ‘Smart’ video electronics allows 1 off 40 independent video channels to be operational (Factory Pre-configured). This allows 40 anglers on 1 lake/ river bank, to use MarginCAM+ without video interference from other users.
  • 5″ Monitor has build in DVR recording capability to 64GB SD card. HD recording with playback functionality available via menu pushbuttons or SD card installed into a PC.
  • Massive 6800mAh 12V battery allows Approx 34hrs of run time. (2.5 days during summer months battery usage, 4 day sessions without a battery charge in the winter months).
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