Ocellus – Range Finder   

Sick of wasting time and energy trying to hit your target spot? With the Ocellus Range finder, take out the guess work with real confidence first time when working out the distance to bait boats, reed beds, islands, marker floats, far margins, lily pads and much more…  

We all have that same issue with trying to work out the distance to the target spot,  casting multiple times and clipping up. Now its easy peasy…. The Ocellus Range finder coupled with a set of distance sticks, Marker rod set-up or a bait boat , you can carry out range checks without disturbing the waterline and get your rods prepared at the correct distance ready for precision casting/ drop on the target location…first time. No more losing tackle or reeling your marker rod in to work out the distance.

This tool enables you to save time and tackle on the bank with none intrusive laser precision measurement up to 500m with a 0.5m accuracy… giving a better measuring accuracy then GPS…game changer!

Scenarios of use:

  • distance out to a bait boat for every time precision drop. 
  • distance out to reed bed.
  • distance out to marker float. 
  • distance out to islands. 
  • distance out to lily pads, and much more. 

 With this impressive engineered laser optic measuring device, you can measure up to 500metres away which will cover most lake scenarios in UK and EU. 

The Ocellus Range finder is CarpSight’s precision laser optic measuring device  that have been specifically  engineered for fishing precision. The light weight design allows the user to use the Ocellus by hand, or mount on a1/4″ standard tripod. 

Key features:
  • Light weight design allows you to use the range finder by hand or via standard tripod connection.
  • Waterproof by design allowing the device to be used on the bank in all weather conditions.
  • 6x optical magnification to zoom in on a target, to increase the accuracy and measurement signal quality.
  • ¬†Two Modes of operation, Distance Mode (Yards/ Meters) – Marker Float Seeker Mode (Yards/ Meters)
  • Measure the distance to all objects on a lake, including out to bait boat location, if a precision drop is required out from the bank.
  • Laser eye safe optic design.
  • Rope lanyard, lense micro fiber cloth and storage case provided.
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